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A group of students receiving field instruction at the Campus Agriculture Center


Are you interested in the business side of agriculture? Do you want to educate future agriculture leaders, grow sustainable crops, explore the relationship between animals and humans, ensure the quality and safety of the food we eat, or become a veterinarian or medical doctor? If so, one of our agriculture majors may be right for you. 

Agribusiness Economics & Management

A woman holds a laptop while standing in a green agricultural field with a sprinkler system in the background.

Become an expert on the economics of delivering food and water to the world. You'll study everything related to food production and the use of water resources from seeds to sales, from farms to factories, and from turf to transport to table.

Agricultural Technology Management & Education

A male student in a red University of Arizona Wildcats t-shirt stands on a ladder in a greenhouse while caring for crops.

Learn how to use technology and modern production techniques to enhance food safety and security, while building management and business skills. Students who want to inspire future generations can pursue an agricultural education certification.

Animal Sciences

A group of University of Arizona students observe as another student uses a bottle to feed a calf.

Transform your interest in animals into a rewarding career by exploring how animals, science, and business can work together to further industry, education, and environmental and human health. You may choose to specialize in industry-business, equine, race track, or science/pre-professional studies.

Applied Biotechnology

Find ways to use living cells and biological processes to develop products and technologies to feed and clothe a growing population and fight disease. You may choose to specialize in applied biotechnology, food and beverage fermentation, or industrial plant and microbial biotechnology.

Sustainable Plant Systems

Two University of Arizona students harvesting green vegetables in a greenhouse.

Discover innovative plant systems that maximize production, conserve resources, and minimize environmental damage. You may specialize in controlled environment agriculture, environmental horticulture, agronomy, or fresh produce safety, as you focus on creating plant-based solution to feed, clothe and fuel the world's population.

Veterinary Science

A University of Arizona prepares medication to treat a large animal.

Explore and protect animal health and strengthen the bond between humans and animals. You'll pair a solid foundation in modern and advanced biology with an applied focus on the health and welfare of animals.

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