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Get the education and real-life experience you need to launch a successful, fulfilling career, whether it’s in business and commerce, environment and sustainability, agriculture, health, the helping professions, or science and technology. Explore your career path options and begin your journey to success.

Business & Commerce

gGroup of young people listening to a presentation given by a colleague

Gain experience and expertise in everything from selling products to consumers, to helping people manage finances, to developing new food products. Or master the business side of agriculture or the economics of managing environmental resources.

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Environment & Sustainability

Students receiving instruction on the field

Learn the best ways to protect the environment and human health, to use soil and plant science to boost crop production, or to conserve and manage natural resources.

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Future Agriculture

A group of students receiving field instruction at the Campus Agriculture Center

Master the business of agriculture, learn to grow sustainable crops, or ensure the quality and safety of our food. Or develop skills to teach future leaders, explore the relationship between animals and humans, or prepare for a career as a veterinarian or medical doctor.

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Health Professions

A microbiology student wearing gloves and safety googles examines the contents of a test tube.

Develop expertise to do everything from protecting community health to providing high quality nutrition and ensuring the safety of our food. Or focus on the relationship between animals and humans, development of life-saving treatments, or prep for veterinary or medical school.

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Helping Professions

Student watching a child swinging with his father pushing him

Learn and develop methods to help improve the quality of life for individuals and families, to teach the next generation of leaders, to strengthen communities, or to help people manage their finances.

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Science & Technology

Researchers doing a crop study in a greenhouse

Master the ability to design systems and life-saving technologies, to manage resources, or to develop plants and crops that can overcome drought and other environmental challenges. Or learn how to ensure the quality and safety of our food.

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