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Earn a Bachelor of Science in a variety of disciplines including agriculture, business and commerce, family and community services, health and wellness, biomedical professions, technology, and sustainable environments. Choose from 20 majors with more than 30 different emphasis areas.

Agribusiness Economics & Management

A woman holds a laptop while standing in a green agricultural field with a sprinkler system in the background.

Become an expert on the economics of delivering food and water to the world. You'll study everything related to food production and the use of water resources from seeds to sales, from farms to factories, and from turf to transport to table.

Agricultural Technology Management & Education

A male student in a red University of Arizona Wildcats t-shirt stands on a ladder in a greenhouse while caring for crops.

Learn how to use technology and modern production techniques to enhance food safety and security, while building management and business skills. Students who want to inspire future generations can pursue an agricultural education certification.

Animal Sciences

A group of University of Arizona students observe as another student uses a bottle to feed a calf.

Transform your interest in animals into a rewarding career by exploring how animals, science, and business can work together to further industry, education, and environmental and human health. You may choose to specialize in industry-business, equine, race track, or science/pre-professional studies.

Applied Biotechnology

Find ways to use living cells and biological processes to develop products and technologies to feed and clothe a growing population and fight disease. You may choose to specialize in applied biotechnology, food and beverage fermentation, or industrial plant and microbial biotechnology.

Biosystems Analytics & Technology

Two female University of Arizona students working at a computer.

Bridge the gap between data science and technology by combining biological, physical, and data sciences with technology. You'll implement new ideas, approaches, and technologies to address global challenges related to our food, water, and energy resources.

Biosystems Engineering

A group of University of Arizona students demonstrates drone technology they created for use in agriculture.

Solve resource challenges by using your interest in engineering, science, and technology to overcome drought, disease, famine, and flooding. You may choose to specialize in water resource engineering, biological engineering, or pre-health to prepare for medical school.

Environmental Science

Two University of Arizona students work outdoors to survey the environment.

Turn your passion for the environment into a career focused on improving the quality of our air, water, and land. You will choose one of the following areas for in-depth study: biosphere; soil, air, and water; leadership, sustainability and communications; or physical and chemical dynamics.

Environmental & Water Resource Economics

Two University of Arizona student dressed in bright yellow safety vests test water samples outside.

Become an expert on the economics of managing environmental and water resources. You'll study everything related to the use of the resources our natural world offers as you seek to find solutions at the intersection of science, politics, laws, and our environment.

Human Development & Family Science

An adult and a group of children playing at a table

Improve the quality of life for individuals and families with a degree in human development and family science. You'll gain insight into human behavior and learn how to build stronger, healthier relationships among families and across communities.

Fashion Industry’s Science and Technology

Fashion Industry Science and Technology image

Become a leader in the global fashion market. You’ll learn how to combine strategic thinking with the latest innovations in science and technology. This major may be a good fit for you if you’re interested in design, consumer trends, and sustainable fashion.


A microbiology student wearing gloves and safety googles examines the contents of a test tube.

Find new ways to prevent and treat disease and turn these discoveries into life-saving innovations. You may choose to specialize in food safety and consumer health, plant pathology and microbiology, environmental microbiology, microbial genomics and biotechnology, or medical microbiology.

Natural Resources

A University of Arizona student observes a zoo worker interacting with an elephant.

Seek out new ways to overcome environmental and human pressures that affect our natural resources. You may specialize in conservation biology; ecology, management and restoration of rangelands; fisheries conservation and management; global change ecology and management, watershed management and ecohydrology; or wildlife conservation and management.

Nutrition & Food Systems

Two University of Arizona standing next to an apple tree in an orchard.

Make sure that the food we eat is nutritious, affordable, and sustainably grown. You'll gain the knowledge and expertise in food-related policy that you'll need to advocate for sustainable production of nutritious food to feed the world.

Nutrition & Human Performance

student exercising

Improve the health, physical performance, and qualify of life of individuals. You’ll gain a strong foundation in nutrition, exercise, and behavioral sciences, and will be ready for a career in nutrition and fitness coaching, community health and wellness, and more.

Nutritional Sciences

A University of Arizona student prepares food in a test lab while a professor provides instruction.

Prevent disease and advance healthy living through better nutrition. You may choose to focus on dietetics with the goal of becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist or nutrition and dietetic technician, or nutrition with the goal of pursuing graduate studies such as medical, nursing, or pharmacy school. 

Personal & Family Financial Planning

A man in a suite and tie writes on a white board.

Gain a deep understanding of how personal beliefs, values, and lifestyle influence how we save, invest, and prepare for the future. You'll be well-prepared to meet financial planner certification standards and to find work in financial planning and wealth management.

Plant Sciences

A male University of Arizona student evaluates a maize plant in a greenhouse.

Advance discoveries that enable the world's population to grow more with fewer resources. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of biology, chemistry, physics, and math that you can apply to cutting-edge plant science research including biotechnology and plant breeding.

Precision Nutrition & Wellness

A student examines a pill while working in a lab

Revolutionize our approach to nutrition, health, and wellness. Apply the latest technology to assess the risk of developing illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular disease and to test possible diet and exercise changes using genetic and lifestyle markers.

Retailing & Consumer Science

A woman gives a presentation to two coworkers.

Become a leader in the global retailing marketplace. You'll study a wide array of retailing and consumer behavior topics and learn how to apply what you learn to a variety of retail businesses including store, catalog, internet, services firms, and other enterprises that support retailers.

Sustainable Plant Systems

Two University of Arizona students harvesting green vegetables in a greenhouse.

Discover innovative plant systems that maximize production, conserve resources, and minimize environmental damage. You may specialize in controlled environment agriculture, environmental horticulture, agronomy, or fresh produce safety, as you focus on creating plant-based solution to feed, clothe and fuel the world's population.

​​​​​​​Veterinary Science

A University of Arizona prepares medication to treat a large animal.

Explore and protect animal health and strengthen the bond between humans and animals. You'll pair a solid foundation in modern and advanced biology with an applied focus on the health and welfare of animals.

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