Nearly 200 Scholarships Reserved for CALES Majors

Three University of Arizona students standing next to each other in graduations caps and gowns.
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About CALES Scholarships

Students in the College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences are eligible for more than $1 million in scholarships reserved specifically for majors in our college, including those CALES students who are undecided about their major. This is on top of aid available from the University of Arizona or through sources outside of the university.

The majority of these scholarships are not tied to a specific GPA - students may qualify based on their community involvement, personal background and experiences, or career goals. Award amounts vary each year but typically range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for each scholarship.

The application period for CALES scholarships is from early January to April each year. 

How to Apply for CALES Scholarships

Once you’re admitted to the University of Arizona and have a NET ID and password, you’ll be able to log into Scholarship Universe to apply for university and CALES scholarships. You may also use Scholarship Universe to apply for scholarships outside of the university.

We recommend completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) first to increase the number of scholarships available to you. You’ll also want to have a completed resumé ready to submit with your scholarship applications.

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