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Learning is about more than lectures and assigned reading. As a student in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, you'll gain hands-on experience through our connections to 25 research centers, labs, and institutes, and the Arizona Experiment Station network used by researchers across the state of Arizona. You'll have a variety of opportunities to learn techniques and practices you'll use in real world applications. 

Learn more about where and how you'll learn with us whether you're in a classroom, lab, or one of our Arizona Experiment Station centers. 

Al-Marah Equine Center

A group of students feeds a horse.

Learn about breeding, training, and animal behavior by working with a herd of nearly a hundred Arabian and thoroughbred horses at the Al-Marah Equine Center.

Campus Agricultural Center

Students chat about their work in front of a cow pen with the campus farm in the background.

Explore the Campus Agricultural Center, known as the farm, where many of our students take classes ranging from food safety to solar photovoltaic energy systems to agricultural drone operations.

Research Labs

Students work with a piece of equipment in a research lab.

Get an overview of the research opportunities including the labs, institutes and Arizona Experiment Station network you'll have access to in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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